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Judo for Kids
Judo is a fun and safe sport for people of all ages. Mornington Judo Club's Kids Classes are aimed at having fun. Other focuses and benefits of classes include:-

image Fitness and flexibility
image Co-ordination
image Respect for others
image Self-confidence
image Discipline and behaviour
image Strength
image Self -defence
image Social skills

For further information on Mornington Judo Club's Kids Classes, please contact Michael Picken at michael@morningtonjudo.com or call (03) 5988 6476 (after 6pm)

Judo for Adults
The greatest benefit of Judo is that almost anyone can participate including young kids, teenagers, and adults. Judo improves flexibility, coordination, balance and reflexes. And focuses on developing skills, not size and strength. Judo also promotes concentration, self confidence and leadership.

All Judo players can benefit physically and emotionally from Judo training. However the most important thing to remember is to have fun.

Judo for kids

Judo for adults